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The Persecuted Church


by Tom Prichard.

Sudan Sunrise
ReachOut March 2005

Let me tell you about an extraordinary opportunity to save the lives of hundreds of children and also further a movement forgiveness that could have a ripple effect around the world and through generations in Muslim-Christian relations.

by Faith J.H McDonnell, Institute on Religion and Democracy Religious Liberty Program
ReachOut September 2003

Awareness of the persecuted church has been growing. A watershed moment was the passing of the International Religious Free­dom Act in 1998. One result of that law was the creation of the U.S. Commis­sion on In­ter­­na­tional Religious Freedom, which investigates the status of religious freedom and makes its findings and recommendations known to Congress and the Presi­dent. As a result the U.S. State De­part­ment no longer reports only on human rights, but has a special report on the status of religious freedom around the world…

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, June 23-29, 2003 bulletin
ReachOut September 2003


Little has been known about North Korea over the last decades due to its extreme isolationist policies. The Communist regime has sought to decimate the Church and repression of Christianity has been ruthless and thorough. As a result of the lack of information, the situation of the Church has remained a mystery and the Church worldwide, outside Korea, has forgotten the need to pray for these most persecuted of our brothers and sisters…

by Bp. Ben Kwashi, Diocese of Jos, Nigeria
ReachOut September 2002

9 July 2002
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Peace and greetings. We are asking for prayers for strength, for courage, for wisdom, for protection, for help from God. Only God can help now. Two weeks ago Christians were killed in Yelwa Shendam and several churches were burnt and destroyed…

by Faith Mcdonnell
Institute for Religion and Democracy
ReachOut July 2002

Millions of members of the Body of Christ around the world are suffering brutal persecution for their faith in Jesus. Persecution of Christians is widespread, and other countries such as India, Egypt, Nigeria, North Korea, Burma, Vietnam, Iran, Saudi Arabia and former Soviet Republics could be highlighted…

by Baroness Caroline Cox
ReachOut July 2002

More people are suffering religious persecution now than ever before in history; Chris­tians are the most persecuted of all. There is an increasing need for Chris­tians who live in freedom to develop solidarity with the persecuted chur­ches. St Paul wrote: “When one part of the Body of Christ suffers, we all suffer.”

[Note: Christians in Sudan and South Sudan continue to need our prayers. South Sudan accused Sudan of bombing a village on July 21, 2012.]

Pat Bradley, V.P., International Christian Concern
ReachOut September 2002

May 31, 2002
After making six trips to Southern Sudan, I thought I had witnessed nearly everything—until the early morning hours of May 22, 2002. Our team from International Christian Con­cern and Faith in Action was camping in a village called Rier. The previous day we had delivered crisis relief aid to this severely impoverished area that had been declared by the govern­ment of Sudan (GOS) as a “No-Go” zone—off limits to all Uni­ted Nations relief agencies and the Inter­national Red Cross. We delivered food, medical supplies, shovels, etc…

Reachout September 2002

[The situation in Nigeria has only gotten worse since this was written.]

Freedom House’s Center for Reli­gious Freedom has released a major report documenting the brutal and destabilizing effects of the growth of extremist sharia, Islamic law, in Nigeria. The 101-page report, The Talibanization of Nigeria: Sharia Law and Reli­gious Freedom, finds profound violations of human rights and religious freedom, which undermine Nigeria’s democratization process…

by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Kwashi
ReachOut September 13, 2001

Hundreds have died in Muslim/Christian riots in Jos.

I have been reunited with the children after five days, we are being kept in some safety. The child­ren were hastily removed and after one day there is the need for more things, so I went out to try and get to our house. I was almost trapped in town but I got back to safety without reaching my house.

Many people have been killed, many shops de­stroyed…As this was going on we were shocked to hear of [9/11]. As we thank you for pray­ing for us, we want you to know that we can­not be im­mersed in our problems to forget you at this time…

ReachOut January 2001

October 13, 1987
The four of us were awak­ened by the rumble of armed men at about 1:00am on Tues­day, the 7th of July and marched from our homes. Could our cap­tors understand our des­per­a­tion to hold to­ge­ther our fragile College?…“A soldier does not easily desert his post. I could not leave mine.” My emotions ran deep and angry during the first weeks of our “evacuations.” Our bodies, and especially our blistered feet, were not prepared to cover what would be 150 miles during the first thir­teen days of captivity. The greatest pain, how­ever, was in what had been left be­hind, the abrupt severing, the shared life suddenly ter­mi­nated, the chaos that fol­lowed in the wake of our cap­ture…

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