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Partnering with the Church Overseas


by an indigenous Global Teams Int'l Missionary
ReachOut Summer 2009

The Lord opened up the opportunity for me to go to Ecuador and Bolivia with these goals: to mobilize churches for cross-cultural ministries and awareness of mission in the Horn of Africa; to speak to interdenominational churches and leaders about cross-cultural mission; to raise up missionaries who are ready to join the overseas ministry field to work among a particular unreachd people group (UPG) in Africa; and to encourage the churches to commit to give prayer and financial support to send their missionaries to bless the nations…

by the Rev. Alison Barfoot
Assis­tant to Archbishop Henry Orombi
ReachOut Winter 2008

There are two Alison’s from the United States serving in Uganda. One of them is Yours Truly. The other one spells her name Allyson. Allyson (Ally) McKinney is the Uganda Country Director for the International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM is a Christian ministry seeking  to bring justice to the poor and empower the church to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who came preaching, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me for he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor… and to set at liberty the oppressed and proclaim release to the captives…” (Luke 4:11ff). How the two Alison’s got to know one another is a testimony to God’s goodness, and what He has done with it is an even greater testimony to His power…

ReachOut November 2005

The story of the Church of Uganda is one of obedience to the preaching and teaching of the gospel according to the Bible. When the early missionaries announced the gospel of Jesus Christ to our fore fathers and mothers, they responded to the word of salvation. They acknowledged that Jesus is Lord and Saviour and for that reason gladly obeyed His word in Scripture.

The transforming effect of the Bible on Ugandans generated so much conviction and confidence that even ordinary believers were martyred in the defense of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ that it brought…

ReachOut March 2005 [with updates]

The Dinka (who call themselves the Jieng) are semi-nomadic “dairy farmers” whose culture revolves around their cows. Protestant missions began among them in 1906, but progress was slow. Devoutly committed to their religion and cattle, the Dinka long resisted other religions. CMS produced a New Testament translation for the Bor and Agaar dialects in 1959, but no translation of the Old Testament has been published in any Dinka dialect…

by Peggy Noll ReachOut November 2004

“Akallo,” Grace confided to me as we waited in Kampala for a third retake of her photo for a U.S. visa, “means in my language ‘jumping over problems’.” Together we laughed, appreciating the fact that her name was only too apt on this day of frustration with embassy red tape.

Grace did eventually get a visa, and in April she was a featured speaker for Amnesty International in New York City, Chi­cago, and Boston on the topic of “child soldiers and the war in northern Uganda.”…

by Suzy McCall
The LAMB Institute, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
ReachOut January 2004

It has been said that “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” The 10/40 Window, which has become more and more difficult for “the white man” to penetrate, is being thrown open to Latin Americans. Although Euro­peans and North Americans have long dominated the foreign mission field, the Holy Spirit winds of world evangelism are blowing now from the Two-Thirds World, and Central America is joining the ranks of God’s servants to the unreached…

by Craig Cole, Fve Talents International
ReachOut November 2002

Five Talents International has helped thousands of poor entrepreneurs since it started work in September 1999, and telling their stories is the best way to explain Five Talents’ ministry. One of my favorite stories is visiting the women of the “Kalinsan” (Cleanli­ness) Fellow­ship group who all live in the Cainta community, a slum of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Five Talents funded a program to help almost 800 poor entrepreneurs in partnership with the Diocese of the Central Philippines…

by Julia Anne McCord, Wycliffe Bible Translators
ReachOut May 2002

Greetings from the Dinka Cam translators of Sudan! It's been two years since the 2000 New Wineskins for Global Mis­sion conference gave half of  its offering to help the Dinka Cam people of Sudan in their translation of  the Old Testament. Last July our family visited the Dinka translation team, which is based in Kitale in western Kenya because of insecurities in their Sudanese homeland. I promised them I would write an update on their work.

In early 2001, 3000 copies of a booklet of six Old Testament books began being distributed among Dinka Cam speakers. This edition of the books of Ruth, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Micah, and Malachi is being distributed primarily to speakers dispersed in Sudan and three other African countries, but also abroad…

ReachOut July 2001

The advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ in South East Asia faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities…

ReachOut January 2000

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, a professor at Tri­ni­ty School for Min­is­try and member of [New Wineskins] Board, has been appointed Vice Chan­cellor of a fledgling university in East Africa, Uganda Chris­tian Uni­ver­­sity (UCU). Arch­bishop Livingstone Nkoyoyo, who represents Anglican Chris­tians in Uganda (the largest Protestant church in the country—seven million out of a population of 20 million), made the announcement saying, “We have been praying for two years for the right person to take up this great work, and we believe that Stephen Noll is God’s choice.”…

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