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International Students


by Dr. Theresa Newell, CMJ USA
ReachOut Spring 2011

Today half the Jewish pop­ulation of the world resides in Amer­ica. Of those, over 50% are intermarried; only about 20% are synagogue related. Some are athe­ists. Others are Bud­dhists (called “Ju-Bu’s”!). Most are secular and related only cultur­ally to their Jewish roots. Many are “sheep without a shepherd.”…

by Leiton Chinn,
Co-founder, Truro International Programs and Services
ReachOut Fall 2010

Most of us do not receive a call to live and serve as long-term missionaries or self-supporting tentmakers in another country, but remain as residents in our homeland. But staying home does not mean we cannot be engaged in cross-cultural, global missions. In fact, the opportunity to participate in world missions at home continues to grow each year as God brings more Interna­tional people to North America…

by Mary Edna Thompson, SAMS intern
ReachOut Fall 2007

The images of the victims of Hurricane Katrina are haunting and stir a deep desire to reach out and do something to ease their pain. People from all over the United States travel to the Gulf Coast to assist in the recovery efforts. Caring people dig deep in their pockets and send donations to faith-based operations working diligently in Louisiana and Missis­sippi, the hardest hit by the relentless storm of 2005. Two years later, Hurricane Katrina is still wreaking havoc on the lives of many…

ReachOut July 2004

Now when the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain…Exodus 32:1a

I can be time-challenged in many ways. Recently I needed to make copies with a Sunday deadline for printing. My plan was to print the copies on Friday. I finally went to make the copies on Sunday afternoon. When I arrived at the printer, there was only one person working and about ten people waiting in line. My plan was to drop off my job, run errands, and come back in an hour to pick up the copies. Seeing the situation, I decided to do self-serve copying. I was at the self-serve copier printing my copies, when a man I recognized as a local rabbi…

by Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio
ReachOut January 2002

One of the thorniest issues missionaries face is trying to communi­cate the gospel across cultural barriers in ways which communicate the good news both effectively and faithfully. As the gospel takes root in a new context, young churches must wrestle with how to speak and live faithfully in culturally appropriate ways. This question is not only a challenge for believers in cultures that are hearing the gospel for the first time, it continues to challenge believers in cultures which have been exposed to the gospel for hundreds of years. It’s not just “everyone else” who needs to wrestle with how to live out the gospel in their cultural context, so do North Americans…

by Carolynn Hudson
ReachOut September 2000

More than half of the international students who come to study in the USA do not return to their home countries. This creates not only a brain drain for the countries who send their best and brightest here, but also impacts the churches greatly. Thousands of Christians have not reentered their countries.

Reentry is often a sensitive subject for internationals who face going home to extreme hardships of various kinds. While we can’t make that decision for them, we can help prepare them more effectively…

by Karin Crawford ReachOut November 1998

I had two very interesting ex­periences visiting mosques recently. One was with a group from my church, St. James in Tempe, Arizona, as we did a cross-cultural immersion weekend in Los Angeles. We went at the invitation of a Christian couple who have been going to the mosque once a month for two years. We got to sit and listen to a teaching about Islam and about a few verses of  the Koran, observe the noonday prayers, meet some of the people and visit their bookstore. These kinds of visits are very educational and not as threatening as I had thought…

by the Rev. Walter W. Hannum ReachOut Nov. 1998

Where are the harvest fields? The Lord tells his disciples to look around and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see the fields and give you wisdom to gather the harvest into his Kingdom.

Begin by looking around your neighborhood. Who are the non-churched people within several blocks of the church and church members’ homes? Who lives along the streets you use? Who would feel comfortable in your church? These  people could be easily invited to the local church to learn about the gospel…

by Becca Chapman ReachOut May 1998

After prayer and Bible study, Andrew Swamidoss and Walter Hannum and the students exchange information about current events in India. With Andrew’s wife, Esther, and two daughters in the middle of “hot spots” in India, our interest is engaged. We listen to reports by class members on Indian history or missions in India. I leave every class with entirely new information.

A HINDU TEMPLE—IN PITTSBURGH With much prayer, our class visited the local Hindu temple (the largest and oldest in the USA). After removing our shoes, (a sign of purity, an important concept in Hinduism), we entered the incense-filled sanctuary area…

by Leiton Chinn  ReachOut September 1994

Many participants at a New Wine­skins conference have made commitments such as, “Get to know my Vietnamese neighbors.” or, “Reach out to international students.” The 1990 census confirms what many of us are noticing—the continuing growth of foreign-born residents in the U.S. One out of seven residents, or 32 million people, enrich our land with their non-nativeness. Our country’s doors of opportunity are still open to receive 700,000 legal immigrants each year. Millions of internationals are living here on a temporary basis as students, sojourning professionals and trainees, seamen, and tourists…

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