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Holistic Mission


by the Rev. Marcia Wilkinson
former Canon Missioner, Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham
ReachOut Winter 2011

For years I’ve wondered what happens to folks, churches, mission endeavors after attending a New Wineskins for Global Mission conference. One answer has been a great find! These gatherings matter, really matter…

by Baroness Caroline Cox, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART)
Excerpts from her talk at New Wineskins 2010

Strategic, political, militant Islam is I believe the greatest threat to our economic, political, cultural, and spiritual heritage. We have a terrible vacuum in Britain in the lives of young people—the promiscuity, crack and other drugs, boredom, cynicism, and the only role models: pop stars and soccer stars.

With­out a vision, the people perish. When there’s a vacuum, it is liable to be filled with alternative ideologies, belief systems, and role models. People in Britain have, to a very great extent, lost our vision. As Bp. Michael Nazir-Ali said, “In Britain, we have lost our soul.”  I don’t know if that resonates with any of  you from the United States, but certainly,  it speaks to our own very secular country.

We’re subjected to aggressive secular  humanism, misplaced multiculturalism and  extreme relativism. Young people grow up and know nothing about our Christian heritage. Divisions within the churches mean the trumpet is indeed giving an uncertain call…

by Larry Martin, International Justice Mission
ReachOut Fall 2006

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a justice ministry that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and other forms of oppression and brings tangible help to victims in need of legal advocacy.

Gary Haugen, president and founder of IJM, spoke at the New Wineskins for Global Mission conference in April 2003, and God stirred the hearts of Jim and Gwen Beeby. Shortly thereafter, Jim joined IJM and began work opening IJM’s new office in Zambia, where desperation caused by AIDS has fueled a disregard for traditional obligations to widows…

by Captain John Stanley, Church Army
ReachOut March 2003

Does God call whole families in ministry? Does incarnational ministry preclude children? Are missionary kids more vulnerable to addiction that other ministers’ children?

A call to ministry can be so compelling as to drag us out of a comfortable job and into “the trenches." But what about our children?…

by the Rev. Dr. Zac Niringiye, Africa Director, CMS-UK
ReachOut March 2004

Youth with a Mission is a wonderful organization, but it is not the focus of this article. Rather, the title refers to the young people in our churches and the role they are playing and will continue to play in God’s Kingdom mission.

While today's youth culture promotes freedom without responsibility, a passion for God’s mission is what will build a new generation of young people with a sense of purpose, responsibility and vocation. This counter-cultural youth generation will ultimately lead their peers to being and becoming God’s agents for His Kingdom…

by Jim Beeby
Director, International Justice Mission Zambia Field Office
ReachOut November 2004

North Americans have gotten a crash course on Africa in recent years with much attention rightfully focused on the AIDS pandemic. Living in Zambia, I not only see brutal war on the human body, but also the collateral damage—the social and economic problems that have arisen with the death of so many husbands and fathers often at a very young age.

Traditionally, surviving male members of the family have protected women upon the death of a husband. But, according to a June 16th article in the New York Times, the desperation caused by AIDS has fueled a disregard for the obligation to the widow. The Times reports that widows often return from a mourning ceremony to find someone else’s lock on their doors. IJM has witnessed brothers-in-law in Zambia and Uganda use violence and threats to force their brother’s widow off land that is legally hers, land she may have been farming her entire adult life…

by James L. Oakes, Jr., Five Talents Board, Chrysalis Health Strategies
ReachOut March 2004

You may not think of yourself this way, but North American Anglicans
• Are rich beyond imagining…
• Have skills and knowledge about business that are invaluable…
• Probably think that mission work involves digging ditches in forlorn places under unbearably harsh conditions…
• Think that “missionaries, doctors, and teachers do that stuff”…
• Don’t realize that business people could play a role in the missions field…

by Jennifer Leber  ReachOut May 2001

Here is a story from this week. Often we don't feel we can make a difference in the overwhelming poverty here, but one life at a time, God will multiply our efforts.

Some weeks ago a young man, Dickson, traveled four hours by bus to come see us. He was very thin from a bad case of malaria. His father died some years ago, and as the oldest in his family, he carries a heavy responsibility for his younger siblings and mother. His mother digs in the fields and his sister has a few chickens which produce eggs for the family and a few to sell each day. They are among the poorest of the poor and often remain without hope that their future will be any different from their past…

by Wendy  Griffin,
reprint from Honduras This Week
ReachOut March 1998

La Ceiba, Honduras’ third largest city is famous for its friendliness and its industry. Founded by the predecessors of the Standard Fruit Company in the 1880’s, La Ceiba has long been a town where people from all over Honduras come in search of opportunities—working for the railroad, on the docks, for the box and banana packing plants, soft drink bottlers, and Dole Pineapple and other subsidiaries of the Standard Fruit Company.

Thus it is not surprising that young people who are seeking to improve their lives go to La Ceiba…

by Suzy McCall
ReachOut March 1998

Here in Honduras, where I have been for six years, I have had many jobs: Christian educator, church planter, teacher, youth pastor, musician, etc. But my primary ministry is to be a bridge-builder between social classes, particularly among youth and children, who are less resistant to change.

My starting point has been my ignorance. What do I really know about loving the poor?…

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