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FRIDAY WORKSHOPS: Pick two or bring a team!


Mission-Minded Parishes


Making the Great Commission a Reality in the Local Parish

What are the roots of a maintenance mentality? What if a church isn’t growing, it’s aging, and the clergy and lay people are comfortable? How to transform churches into base camps for evangelism and mission? Get congregations excited about 5 critical areas for the Great Commission: conversion, call, sending, partnership, strategy.
Bp. Tito Zavala is the Primate of the Province of South America and the Bishop of Chile.
The Rev. Dr. John Macdonald directs Stanway Institute for World Mission & Evangelism at Trinity School for Ministry.

Maximize Mission Impact: Mobilize an Effective Mission Committee

How can your church make a difference globally? Get the tools and direction to form (or re-form) a mission committee that thinks strategically and acts effectively. Discover practical steps for focusing your church’s resources and calling people into sacrificial giving and service.
The Rev. Jim Hobby pastors Trinity Anglican Church in Thomasville, GA and is the Gulf Atlantic Canon for Congregational Development.

Develop Global Vision in Your Youth Ministry

Examine effective techniques for developing youth into world Christians—supporting missions, praying, videos, activities, games, using short-term missions for maximum impact—even to the world’s unreached people groups!
The Rev. Steven Tighe directs La Frontera Youth Ministry Education.

Caring for Missionaries: Getting Beyond Good Intentions

Every year thousands of missionaries come back from the field tired and discouraged. Many never return. Explore principles and practices of missionary care from the perspectives of the missionary, mission agency and local church. Develop a plan for helping missionaries maintain healthy, holy lives and ministries and stay on the field in fruitful ministry.
The Rev. Shari Hobby grew up as a Wycliffe Bible Translator missionary kid. She directed Member Care for Global Teams and is Vicar of Trinity Anglican Church in Thomasville, GA.

Preparing for Effective Mission


Personal Evangelism

Leading someone to the Lord is a great joy, but many of us feel uncomfortable and unskilled in it. As secularism rises the challenge is increasing, but so is the need. Hear practical suggestions, ways to make the call to personal conversion in worship services, personalized gospel tracts, and ways to engage in this vital ministry.
The Very Rev. Justyn Terry is Dean President of Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA.

Bible Study with Non-Believers: Leading the Lost to Meet Jesus

The Ethiopian Eunuch was baptized after studying the Scriptures with Phillip, a follower of Jesus. Do you follow Jesus? Why not study Scripture with people who don’t yet know him? Let’s learn to do evangelism like Phillip and study the Bible with non-Christians!
Peter Lebhar,​ InterVarsity ​City Leader ​in ​​​Tallahassee​, FL, teaches Evangelistic Bible Study​ method​s​ ​to college students and in Anglican churches and loves seeing everyone from freshmen to bishops studying the Bible with non-believers!

Honor and Shame in the Bible 

and in Communicating the Good News Today

Honor/shame was the pivotal cultural value of the Ancient Near East and it still is in many cultures—including the vast majority of the world’s unreached people today. Western theology tends to have a blind spot in this area even though there are more than twice as many references in the Bible to shame than guilt. Understanding honor and shame in the Bible can help us properly interpret the Bible and relate to our multicultural world. It can transform how we preach, teach, communicate the good news of Jesus, and collaborate with others in the global church.
Werner Mischke wrote The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World.

Mission, Miracles, and the Holy Spirit

The most effective mission, short or long, depends on God’s Holy Spirit. Mission is about God’s will, not ours. Learn practical ways to lean on the Holy Spirit as he leads, gives discernment, protects, anoints, comforts, provides for and empowers those he calls.
Dr. Glen Petta directs SOMA USA, which sends short-terms to equip the Anglican Communion for transformation through the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Warfare on the Mission Field

There is a great need to understand the reality of the demonic on the mission field. We need to know the amazing power of God, how to deal with oppression and demonization, protect ourselves, and win the victory in Jesus Christ!
The Rev. Lee Mullins was delivered by the Holy Spirit and the family of God out of drug addiction, the occult, and homelessness, and has certification in exorcism and deliverance. He is a missionary priest at Lat­kra­bang Anglican Church in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Best is Yet to Come

Are you investigating the possibilities for God’s plan for your life? Maybe you have completed your first career? Come be inspired by people who have served in missions from a wide variety of backgrounds. “No mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Cor. 2:9b)
The Rev. Jeff Rawn, SAMS Chairman, and Sarah Norris, SAMS Communications Specialist will moderate a panel of SAMS interns and missionaries have been serving in missions for months, years, or a few months a year for many years.

Keys to Thriving on the Mission Field

The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few, and the harvest field itself is a challenging environment. Unfortunately, a lot of laborers in the harvest field struggle, burn out, or leave completely because they didn't get the tools they needed to survive those challenges. In this workshop, we will discuss how to protect yourself against the main challenges that drive missionaries off the field—and how to prepare yourself to move beyond just surviving to thriving on the mission field.
Linda Fox has provided member care to workers in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the USA. She is an adult Third Culture Kid, former missionary, and former AFM Member Care Coordinator.

Reentry: Challenges and Blessings of Transitioning Back Home

Reentry is the often forgotten part of cross-cultural transition in a short or long-term mission experience. Join this interactive workshop and come away with practical suggestions on how to effectively return and integrate mission vision and experience to life and your local church.
Lisa Espineli Chinn wrote Reentry Guide for Short-Term Mission Leaders and Think Home.

Opportunities in Local/Global Mission


Ministry and Church-Planting Among Immigrants

Immigrant families face tremendous stresses bridging the language and values gaps between their traditional cultures and secular individualistic North American culture. How can we reach first generation immigrants without losing the next generation of their Westernized children? How can we plant thriving inter-generational multi-cultural churches which can impact families and communities in North America as well as overseas with the good news of Jesus Christ? We will explore engaging the unreached and present case studies on New Eden Garden Ministry among the Japanese and beyond and Good Shepherd Women Support Group among Chinese immigrant families.
Bp. Stephen Leung is the Anglican Network in Canada Suffragan Bishop for Asian & Multi­cultural Ministries. The Rev. Shihoko Warren is priest-in-charge of the Church of All Nations, a Japanese and multicultural congregation in Vancouver, BC. Mrs. Nona Leung is the wife of Bp. Stephen Leung.

Using Alpha to Communicate the Gospel

Cross-Culturally in North America

Alpha ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), teaching language and culture can open church doors and internationals’ hearts. The relational nature of the Alpha Course, Marriage and Pre-Marriage Courses, and other follow up discipleship courses makes sense to the Hispanic seeker. Learn how to use these resources effectively to reach outside the church walls.
José Garrigó, former AlphaUSA Director of Alpha for Latinos and Alpha Colorado, now directs International Ministries at Truro Anglican Church, Fairfax, VA.

Emerging Trends and Ministry Strategies,

and Opportunities in South East Asia

South East Asia is increasingly significant in the global economic, political and ecclesiastical arena. Hear how the church is engaging in mission thru multiple approaches in this area of diverse cultures, languages, and religions—Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism—and how your church can partner in this effort. Significant collaboration with field personnel from ACNA churches is already taking place.
Bp. Rennis Ponniah is Bishop of Singapore, and Bp. Kuan Kim Seng is the Diocesan Missions Director, with outreach in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, & Vietnam.

The Deaf: An Unreached People Unlike Any Other

Deaf people are among the largest unreached people groups in the world. Why do so many Deaf people not know Jesus? What are the obstacles to Deaf people learning about Jesus? Learn how God is on the move, working through churches, ministry organizations, and individuals to overcome these barriers, and how you can have a role in bringing Deaf people to Jesus.
Chad Entinger is the Executive Director of Deaf Missions, an international Christian mission reaching Deaf people with the Gospel of Jesus in over 100 countries around the world.

Engaging China Today

China is a place of both/and: registered churches and house churches, large churches in the city and small fellowships in villages, a supply of Bibles and a dearth of Bibles, high hurdles and wide open doors, a strong Christian presence among the Han Chinese and an absence among the 50+ ethnic minorities. How do we pray? How at home or in China can we engage China?
The Rev. L is a member of a multi-agency team working to develop the Church in western China.

The Gospel and Islam: Power Encounters and Intercession

The ministries of Jesus and the apostles included frequent examples of “power encounters.” Using Scripture and field experience, explore how God continues to use dreams, healings, and miracles to confirm the Good News and communicate His love and mercy to Muslims.
The Rev. Kevin H., directs GT and has worked among Muslims in the USA, Africa, and South Asia.

The Arab Spring and the Gospel

How has the Arab Spring been impacting the Arab world and Christians in the Middle East and North Africa? Amid hope, chaos, persecution and suffering, how is God at work? How can we pray and work to see the gospel extended?
The Rev Frank B. is an Anglican priest and entrepreneur. He and his family have been living and ministering in North Africa 14 years.

Europe: Wasteland or Harvest Field?

In Europe a rich Christian heritage is being replaced by pervasive secularization, new-age spirituality, and radical Islam. How is God at work in these postmodern, post-Communist, post-Christian countries? How can we join Him in reaching this spiritually needy and globally strategic continent with the good news of the blessing of God in Jesus Christ?
Fred Markert became a Christian in Berlin, Germany in 1973, and pastored a church of young people involved in Bible smuggling and ministry to the underground church of communist Eastern Europe. He directs the Terra Nova Project and YWAM's Network for Strategic Initiatives.

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You? 

Hear and see how God is using a unique Community Vacation Bible School (CVBS) model in yards, parks, shelters and other venues locally, nationally and internationally to spread the Gospel!   Learn how CVBS reflects the beauty of believers working together across denominations to further the Kingdom and transform hearts for local and global missions.
Lindsey Feldman is the Children’s Ministry Director at All Saints' Church in Woodbridge, VA, and leader pf  the Community VBS movement. 

Youth Work Beyond the Borders

What is the point of youth work? What is the difference between youth work and youth pastoring? How can we help young people know who they are in Jesus and the ability they have to change the world? What does youth work look like around the world and what are some tips we can put together to really take our youth work beyond the borders?
Guy Benton is Youth Director for the Anglican Church of Cambodia, capacity building and mentoring Cambodian youth workers to reach youth in Phnom Penh and rural areas. He has a Diploma of Youth Work in New Zealand.

Huge Potential: Mission to Unreached People Groups the Anglican Way

Anglicanism offers unique and exciting contextual bridges to reach and disciple unreached people groups. Who knew that Anglican liturgy, sacramentalism, church governance, comprehensiveness and geographical extensiveness would be so appealing to Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist Background Believers!
The Rev. Chris Royer served 16 years in Turkey and directs Anglican Frontier Missions. The Rev. Norman Beale served with AFM in Nepal from 1986 to 2001, seeing 29 Nepali churches join the Anglican Communion in 1999.

Holistic Ministry


Transforming Communities Through Training Leaders

The 16 clergy pastoring 83 churches in Gambella, Ethiopia have had very little training. They know how to lead people to Christ and plant churches but not how to make disciples. Their congregations are mostly non-literate, don’t have a full Bible in their own language, and may be semi-nomadic or in refugee camps. Traditional models of theological education won’t work. Come learn about the models of pastoral training being tried for an oral context.
Bp. Grant LeMarquand and the Rev. Johann van der Bijl started St. Frumentius Theological College in Gam­bella to make sure that the next generation of clergy are equipped to teach and make disciples.

Healed Hearts, Whole Witness:

Healing is a “Must” in Missions and in Missionaries

Missions is ministry to spiritual, emotional and physical needs. How can God minister in such a sea of hurt and brokenness? What about your own pain? Are you overwhelmed at times? Healing is a necessity both for the missionary and the cultures we serve. Learn the basics of inner healing and how to develop a healing component to your ministry. This will be a practical session including prayer for healing.
Phil & Wendy Coy founded innerACTS and teach healing prayer in the USA and abroad. Wendy is the author of Learning to Pray Like Jesus and Tough Stuff.

Our Calling to Justice

Violence is the most urgent threat facing millions of the world’s poorest people. What does the Bible say about our calling to do justice? What spiritual practices will keep us thriving as bringers of light into dark places?
The Rev. Erin Clifford directs the Intern and Fellows Program at International Justice Mission in Washington, DC. Growing up in East Africa gave her a passion to see even the poorest of the poor flourishing.

Partnering with Churches Overseas


Determining God’s Will for Your Short-Term Mission

In planning a short-term mission, you must listen to God, remove your own cultural filters, listen to the needs of your hosts and plan a mission designed to build the Kingdom as you join your host in ministry and shepherd your team. Join us in discussing ways to accomplish these goals.
Clark and Carol Smith have led equipping conferences and more than 35 missions in 17 countries through E412 Ministries (Eph. 4:12) since answering God’s call at New Wineskins 2007 to full-time mission.

Building Cross-Cultural Partnerships for Long-Term Sustainability

How can North American churches build cross-cultural partnerships that do not create indefinite dependency on Western funding? What are best practices for sustainable development?
Rose Kanyunyuzi is the Global Orphan Project’s GO Africa Facilitator for Local Church Part­ner-ships, empowering local churches in DR Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda to care for orphans. The Rev. Alison Barfoot is Archbishop Stanley Ntagali’s Assistant for International Relations

Mobilization and Multiplication: The “Timothy” Factor in Missions

God is raising up laborers in every culture, and hands-on training and discipleship is an urgent and strategic need worldwide. Come see how indigenous leaders are being mobilized for mission and empowered to reach unreached people groups.
Dr. Katie Rhoads, a Global Teams missionary, serves the Churches of Uganda and Sudan using her theological training and position at Gulu Medical School to mobilize Ugandans and Sudanese for mission.

SATURDAY WORKSHOPS: Pick two or bring a team!


Mission-Minded Parishes


What a Model of Mission!

A practical workshop on a Model New Testa­ment Church: hot on mission, cold on lethargy, intentional in action, missional in life, and an example worth following. They had mission in their arteries. What a Church! Learn from their priorities, passions, and practices.
Bp. Ken Clarke is the Mission Director of SAMS-Ireland and the author of Going For Growth.

The Prayer-Driven Church

Prayer is at the heart of God’s plan to reach the nations. How can we motivate and equip God’s people to engage in fervent intercession for our church, our community and the world?
Bp. John Guernsey is the Bishop of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic of the ACNA.

Including the Unreached in Your Mission Strategy

The Church is called to go to the ends of the earth, but many churches have a hard time figuring out how to do it. This workshop will provide tools for building an on-going sustainable mission among the unreached, including a 7-step model you can apply to your own setting.
The Rev. Loren and Linda Fox and their parish have been engaging an unreached people group in Asia for 8 years and are helping other parishes build similar ministries.

Planting Churches that are Missional from the Get-Go

Many people think missions is an optional add-on or a luxury item for big churches that can afford it, but every church needs a missional DNA, especially new church plants. This workshop will present a process to create a missional culture and move a new congregation out of the box and out the door: instill a missional imagination in a new church; do sound cultural exegesis; and create effective structures to empower mission.
The Rev. Dr. Tom Herrick directs the Titus Institute for Church Planting and Multiplication and is the Diocese of Mid-Atlantic Canon for Church Planting.

Becoming a Missions-Minded Diocese

Mission work done collectively by many churches can be more effective than working as the Lone Ranger. This session will explore building a diocesan missions ministry, strategic communications and education, funding, sending, and program evaluation.
Marthe Curry, Ph.D., has worked with the Diocese of West Texas as a volunteer and as Director of World Missions for 14 years.

Preparing for Effective Mission


Training Trainers for Power Evangelism

After describing some dynamics of training trainers, we will address evangelism made effective through the active power of the Holy Spirit, the use of spiritual gifts,  the processes of actually encountering the public, and the avoidance of some ineffective means. The emphasis will be on how to train people to train others to accomplish numerical growth.
The Rev. Mike Flynn directs Fresh Wind Minis­tries, doing conferences in leadership development, ministry training, & spiritual growth.

Changing Stories, Changing Lives

Jesus is transforming the life narratives of our Muslims refugee friends from despised to destined, avengers to forgivers, lost to loved, wounded to whole! Jesus “was never without a story when he spoke” (Mk 4:33). As we have shared our Jesus stories, our friends have been transformed too. This is something we can all do everyday, anywhere our lives touch others. Come discover Jesus in your own story through reflection on the Gospels and listening prayer, practice sharing with others, and strategize how to impactfully share your Jesus stories with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
J & M are seeing Jesus change the lives of Muslim refugees in the Middle East.

Making Disciples for Christ

Shortly before our Lord Jesus Christ ascended he commanded us to do something very important to him: “Go and make disciples of all nations... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” There are too many 'believers' who are not disciples of Christ. This workshop explores what a disciple is and how we as Christians can make true disciples, not just believers, of all nations for Christ. Come and learn what the difference is and how to make a difference for God's kingdom.
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Felix Orji is the Bishop of the CANA/ACNA Diocese of the West. He is passionate about making disciples who are disciple-makers themselves.

Is God Sending Me?

Have you ever considered being sent on mission? How can you get there from here? Explore discerning God’s call to mission and practical ways to work that out through spiritual formation, relationships in the faith community, cultural experiences and internships. Helpful if you desire to serve the Lord cross-culturally and to help others discern calls.
Stewart Wicker, a former missionary to Honduras, is the Director of the Society of Anglican Senders and Missionaries (SAMS).

Redemptive Language Learning

Learn about the “Growing Participator Approach” (GPA) used by thousands of cross cultural workers all over the world. Using the latest linguistic scholarship, GPA makes language learning fun, simple and efficient. Learning a new language requires the same humility that was modeled for us by Jesus in the incarnation. Language and culture is not something that we "get”—it is a life to be lived. You’ll be surprised at how quick and enjoyable living in another languaculture can be!
Anne B and her family have lived and ministered in North Africa for 14 years. She runs a language program that employs locals and has empowered many missionaries, aid workers and diplomats to effectively communicate with people in their heart language.

Missionary and Clergy Families: Raising Godly Kids

Missionary kids have experiences and an understanding of culture that few can match. At the same time, there are some common issues that can cause problems. How can we avoid the pitfalls that can create resentment in the children of missionaries and pastors and help kids get involved in age-appropriate ministry?
The Rev. Steven Tighe directs La Frontera Youth Ministry Education.

Opportunities in Local/Global Mission


Welcoming the World Next Door: Reaching Internationals Here

God is increasingly bringing the world to North America—eg, there are now 80,000 students from Saudi Arabia in the usa who have a chance to meet a Christian for the first time in their lives! Your church can have a tremendous impact ministering to international students, immigrants, refugees , and other diaspora peoples. A strategic form of glocal (global but local) mission is on our doorstep! Let's open our doors.
Leiton and Lisa Chinn founded and directed Truro International Programs and Services at Truro Church for 7 years. Leiton is Lausanne Senior Associate for International Student Ministry, and Lisa directed InterVarsity’s International Student Ministry department from 2000–2014.

Reaching and Mobilizing Latinos:

Church Planting Throughout the Americas

Anglican churches are being planted among Latino immigrants in the US and a new deanery of churches has begun in Mexico through Caminemos Juntos. Chile (which Anglican missionaries brought the Gospel to 150 years ago) is now sending OUT missionaries. In between, much of the continent is still to be reached. How do we plant Anglican Latino churches throughout the Americas and mobilize Latino missionaries to reach the world? This workshop will examine opportunities for Latino-Anglicanism and global mission in the midst of immigration and global diaspora.
Bp. Tito Zavala is Primate of the Anglican Prov­ince of South America and Bishop of Chile. The Rev. Jonathan Kindberg, who grew up in Chile, coordinates Caminemos Juntos Latino church planting movement of Greenhouse.

Reaching Out in Love to Muslim Classmates and Neighbors

How can students reach Muslims on campus? How can my church reach out to the Muslim community down the street? How can we present the gospel to Muslims without offending them? No one is more likely to interact with Muslims on a daily basis than students. Learn to share the love of Christ with Muslims in loving and non-threatening ways.
The Rev. Fouad Masri is the Founder and Director of the Crescent Project.

Jesus Among Muslims: Stars & Altars

The signs of God’s missionary activity are all around us: the Magi followed a star to Jesus. Paul used an altar to an unknown god to preach the gospel. Hear Scripture and case studies of God’s fingerprints in missions.
The Rev. Kevin H. directs GT and has worked among Muslims in the USA, Africa, and South Asia.

The Seismic Shift in Jewish Evangelism

Changes in the Jewish community are opening doors to reach Jewish people with the saving knowledge of Jesus the Messiah—but Christians are being distracted by political discussions, choosing between Jews and Palestinians who are not believers and whose leaders do not have Christian agendas. Come hear about amazing demographic faith changes among Jews in Israel and North America and learn how Anglicans are especially well placed to reach Jewish people with the gospel!
The Rev. Daryl Fenton directs CMJ USA (Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People), equipping congregations to share the transforming love of Messiah Jesus.

Communicating Christ to Hindus: Conservative Contextualization

Culture is a medium of communication. Christianity can be practiced in many different cultural formats. Every culture has things that are conducive, neutral or contradictory to Christian faith. Things conducive we take readily, things neutral we adapt, and things contrary to the Bible, we leave aside. Come to a contextualized presentation on contextualization.
Anil Yesudas lives in Chicago and practices faith in Christ in a Hindu cultural context while remaining in the Biblical frame of reference.

Buddhism in the Modern World

Buddhism is attractive to moderns and post­moderns due to it’s flexibility. It has taken on various forms in the West and is often misunderstood, but for millions in Asia Buddhism is fused with idol worship, merit making, fear of spirits and death, and lack of hope and purpose. How can we introduce Buddhists East and West to the gospel, the love of Christ, and the freedom that comes with the grace of God? Laborers are needed in this part of the harvest field that desperately needs to hear of a God who loves, forgives, and gives new purpose and life.
The Rev. Lee Mullins serves at Lat­kra­bang Anglican Church in Bangkok, Thailand.

Holistic Mission


Human Trafficking: God's Heart for Justice

More men, women, and children are in slavery now than during the entire Trans-Atlantic slave trade. What does the Bible say? What difference can churches make? God is at work around the world bringing justice, hope, and healing.
Summer Benton is a SAMS missionary in Cambodia providing social work support and consultancy services to organizations working to battle human trafficking.

Teaching Health and Wholeness

Come explore culturally appropriate, biblically grounded ways to communicate principles and practices of healthy living to developing communities. Building mentoring relationships and empowering women and their families results in saved lives and transformed communities.
Dr. Wendy LeMarquand, MD, & Louise van der Bijl, RN, with SAMS, teach a community-based health care program which is saving lives in Gambella and remote villages in Ethiopia, e.g., simple water purification and dish drying techniques are dramatically decreasing infant diarrhea, a leading cause of death.

Healing the Orphaned Heart

Due to AIDS, genocide, war, and polygamy, many countries in East Africa have a generation of orphans and refugees who have difficulty believing in a loving Father in heaven. Now these millions of traumatized people are leaders, parents and spouses responding from an orphaned heart. See what God can do to change the face of East Africa as they are healed by Jesus.
Janet Helms and the Rev. Qampicha Daniel Wario, Bishop-Elect of the Diocese of Marsabit,  co-founded Kenya Christian Education Partnership and have taken Healing Orphaned Heart conferences to Uganda and Rwanda.

So You Think Business & Mission Don't Mix? Think Again!

God created business to be a source of blessing and as proof of His promised relationship (Deut. 8:18), and He is still using business for those purposes today. Locally sustainable business provides access and financial support for field workers, brings benefits to the local economy, and opens doors for Kingdom relationships, particularly among unreached people or where traditional mission approaches are suspect. Come hear Business as Mission stories from around the world, and see where God can connect your gifts and talents along the BAM continuum.
Gary & Karen W were missionaries in Africa and founded community development and income-generating projects still in place 20 years later. Gary now manages the BAM program for an international organization.

Cross-Cultural Partnerships


One in Christ: Overcoming the Racial Divide

Is it possible to co-mingle the different cultures and the ethnically diverse into one great fellowship of believers? How do we build intimate relationships that represent more clearly on earth that great multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language before the throne (Rev. 7)? Join us as we explore practical ways of living out the Heavenly vision as God grants us the grace to share our lives together in Christ.
The Rev. Roy Smith founded True-Lite Christian Fellowship in his home with 15 people of one ethnic group and now pastors the most multi-ethnic congregation in Midland, TX.
The Rev. Jon Stasney is the founder of Christ Church Anglican in Midland, TX and began his ministry in the inner-city of Dallas with a 100% African American congregation.

The Win-Win Approach to Service

For 150 years a model of serving the impoverished people of Honduras without a strategy for
empowering them created an attitude of dependency. Psychological entrapments for both Honduran recipients and well-intentioned North American mission teams made changing the attitude of dependency a struggle in the Episcopal Church of Honduras. Hear practical suggestions for service projects that empower and usher churches and schools towards self-sustainability: a win-win model for everyone!
Bp. Lloyd Allen has been Bishop of Hondu­ras since 2001.
The Rev. Cn. Stephen Robinson is the Diocese of Honduras Canon for Education.

Advocacy for Persecuted Christians:  A Biblical Mandate

“Do good to all men, but particularly to those who are of the household of faith.” (Gal 6:10). Members of suffering Body of Christ around the world need our prayer and advocacy. This workshop will help Western Christians lever­age influence as advocates through social media, Con­gressional legislation, in their own parishes and the larger church, and provide resources and information for effective follow up.
Faith McDonnell directs Religious Liber­ty Program/Church Alliance for a New Sudan at IRD in  DC. She has drafted laws, writes widely, and co-authored
Girl Soldier: A Story of Hope for Northern Uganda's Children.



Everyone Needs Good News

This workshop is designed to equip you to share the amazing news of Jesus Christ in your everyday life. Carrie strongly believes that God has strategically placed every Christian in environments where they are meant to share the Gopsel. You will walk away from her workshop tremendously encouraged and empowered to join in this great adventure!
Carrie Boren Headington is the Diocese of Dallas Missioner of Evangelism and founder of the Good News Initiative.

Why God Created Sex

"And it was very good" (Gen 1:31) We know that no one ever thinks about this topic (yeah, right). But are we beginning to think about it with the mind of Christ? What does He think, anyway? We'll be sharing a Biblical and real life understanding of God's amazing gift of sex, why it can cause such intense heartache or so much joy, and why it's so important for living and bringing God's Kingdom.
The Rev. Whis Hays has been married for 41 years. Brandon & Kinzi are single and have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years.

Youth Ministry Basics: The Engage Initiative

Church plant/small churches find it hard to have a traditional youth group. Many people could help young people follow Christ but just need some encouragement and basic training to get started. Engage equips older Christians to meet regularly with one or more young people to: build a relationship, study the Bible, and pray together. Designed primarily for adults who came to the conference, but teens welcome, too!
Dave Wright is the Coordinator of Youth Ministries for the Diocese of South Carolina.

High Impact Life

This workshop will help you cultivate a Christ-centered outlook on life so that you can make the greatest impact on your friends, your family, your community, and the world.
Dr. John Tolson founded The Gathering/USA and started one of the first team chaplain programs in the NBA.

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