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The Impact of New Wineskins for Global Mission 2013

Networking was the best part! Mission-minded Anglicans came from Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Middle East/ North Africa, Myanmar, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Singapore, South Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, USA, and Vietnam. These relationships will bear fruit for the Kingdom for years to come!
We attended with our entire family and we were all blessed by the preaching, teaching, praying, and learning. We met so many inspiring people and have gained a deeper understanding of God’s calling to become more involved in service and missionary activities, particularly a Sunday school program that has a mission curriculum and beginning annual short-term mission trips with our youth and entire parish.

It renewed my faith, that I can use my God-given gifts to bring Christ to people through relationships and compassion. I’m going to focus on prayer, talk to my rector, find ways to start a discipling group.

This conference has been life-changing for me. I have a follow-up appointment to discern if God is calling me or if I am to be a sender.

It was a spiritually refreshing and challenging four days of workshops, Bible teaching, vigorous worship, fellowship and networking. We were able to see a number of supporters and make new acquaintances. It was a fantastic time and we encourage others to consider attending the New Wineskins 2016.

New Wineskins 2013 gave direction to a possible call to be short-term missionaries, and tools and ideas to assist our parish’s mission committee. It gave me a much broader understanding of Jesus’ work in the world.

I was able to bring a team this year. The conference will make a much greater impact as they all go back and share with more people than I could ever reach. It has raised awareness, urgency, and skill sets.

The conference has motivated me to renew my dedication to the cause of mission in my parish and my prayer and other support to missionaries. I am planning to pray and work toward raising mission awareness at my parish, beginning with finding out what structures already exist. Also prepare to help my adult daughter when she re-enters the U.S. after years on the field.

It opened my eyes to global missions and inspired a call to serve, adding to our mission teams, reaching out to my Muslim neighbor.

Read my Bible more, pray for missionaries, and pray for Muslims—for the first time, I am not afraid to talk to one.

Tremendous benefit to our recently-formed mission committee. Wonderful insight to forming/sustaining partnerships. Tools and processes to evaluate commitments and partnerships currently in place. Encourage each person to be a missionary/evangelist in their daily life. May our eyes and ears be opened to the opportunities before us—expect the unexpected.

A time of renewal, desire to share the good news with those who don’t know Jesus.  I have hundreds of dollars of books, DVDs, and stories to tell. I want to share God’s love and his Word everyday!

This conference was energizing, thought-provoking, and insightful. It was wonderful to meet other mission-minded people. I’ll serve with new energy on the mission field.

It has made me see what impact mission  has across the world, in various countries with different cultures.

Amazing! On a personal level it has been transforming, and on my vestry members the same. We are not worthy to be called Christians among such sacrificial servants. It will affect our personal walk with Christ and the discipleship plan of the whole parish.

It created insight on what the Great Commission is all about, It awakened my soul. Seniors need to leave our comfort zones and go to the lost ones. The Spirit is setting me on fire to go reach out to the orphan-hearted.

This is my first New Wineskins conference and I have been awed by the number of denominations, states, and countries present. I plan to be more caring about my Hispanic co-workers and also the Americans. I want to be able to show the love of Christ to all the nationalities present in our area.

We want to be more prayerful about Muslims and Jews in our community! Start a diocesan prayer team for mission. Stewardship with our diocese and companion relationship.

I’m on vestry, specifically mission/outreach. We have 25+ here and have had an unbelievable time in all aspects of this conference. We hope to instill a local mission program for the growing Muslim faith in our community.

Our eyes have been opened to possibilities even for such a small church as ours. We hope to bring our congregation more on board to Jesus command to  make disciples. I have learned some tools to evangelize the unchurched around me in non-threatening ways. My eyes were opened about how receptive Muslim people are. It is also helpful to hear actual stories of the people who are persecuted for the faith. It makes it more real.

It helps to know how to pray and support mission, and therefore keep mission before people in the congregation. Hopefully mission thinking will become more natural in everyday life. Try to bless the missionaries we come in contact with, keep on the lookout for potential missionaries and speak into their lives to encourage their call or give them a hunger for the call.

Phenomenal. This is my first time here and I’ve been powerfully moved, recognizing my call to be a missional rather than comfortable  believer. My purpose is to live out and share God’s message of salvation. Pray about the possibility of missions work. Strengthen our mission committee’s strategic plan (develop goals greater than sending money). Work to influence the entire congregation in their view of mission. Seek to develop an international ministry to students at a nearby college.

Huge impact! My spiritual life renewed. I loved the fellowship! I have been asked to join the parish mission committee, and now I will. I love missions and I have so loved meeting many new (to me) missionaries.

We are working on our long-range plans for missions. We are going to change our goal for 20 years to “life-long disciple makers.” We are going to revamp our children’s ministry.

This was my first conference and I am thrilled, refreshed, educated and motivated. I came to get more guidance on developing our mission focus, and I leave with concrete information and steps to take.

New Wineskins was where I felt called to ministry. I continue to find the networking very important as well as getting up to date on what is happening throughout the world. This has been a great opportunity to connect with partner ministries.

Good to reconnect with missionaries and learn about all that is going on in different parts of the world. Inner healing training and ministries a real help. So important to teach on reaching Asians and Muslims, how to reach out more effectively locally and globally. Challenge the local church to care and pray more for those suffering in so many areas. Challenge our people to ask the Lord what they can/should do.

Meeting and putting a face and voice to people our church is supporting, renewing the mind and heart to place Jesus as first priority/love, learning about Anglican missions around the world.

The conference generated momentum for strengthening mission as a top priority among our church family. The witness of God’s power and presence was evident to me and others on our team.

I received inner healing through prayer and encouragement—I’m now ready to begin missions-related work short-term. I’ll take back the messages I heard to help our healing/intercessory prayer team support missions work through prayer.

Great impact for me as a missionary and on the parishioner who will be assisting my family’s re-entry. Also provided further vision for outreach and Kingdom building work. Hopefully set in motion a strategy for care and long-term missionary sending.

It filled me with energy to take missions to our parish.

It inspired me to pray for missionaries and the lost, go back to my community and reach international refugees and immigrants. I definitely feel less intimidated to witness to Muslims.

It has been a huge blessing, particularly hearing God’s work around the world. The workshops I went to equipped me for what will be next after seminary. I hope to use the resources I received, particularly the Bridges DVD with my Muslim friends.

The next New Wineskins for Global Mission conference will be April 7-10, 2016 in Ridgecrest, NC. Save the dates and plan to bring a team from your church!
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Click HERE to download materials from the 2016 New Wineskins for Global Missions Conference.